In the new book, JEWELS: THE TOWN HALL MEETING, the Seven Jewels are assembled in a room having a candid and open conversation with current brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha!

How would you feel if you could attend a Town Hall Meeting with:

The brothers they are discussing with are the following:
  • Brother Robert L. Harris (Alpha's National Historian)
  • Brother Julian Wilson (Grandson of Jewel Robert Harold Ogle)
  • Brother Darryl R. Matthews Sr. (32nd General President)
  • Brother Sean L. McCaskill (Past Eastern Region Vice President)
  • Brother Gregory Parks (Author and Law Professor)
  • Brother Denny N. Johnson (Alpha's Director of Membership Services)
  • Brother Sean Christopher Gayle (Past President of The Wall Street Alphas)
  • Brother Donald Ross (Alpha Historical Commission)
  • Brother Kagi Kananga (Western Region Assistant Vice President)
  • Brother Howard Kingphish Franklin (Past Seargent at Arms, Omicron Lambda Alpha Chapter)

Jewels:The Story of the Founding of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Second Edition) is a novel based on the founding of the first fraternity for African Americans. This unique novel gives insight as to their thoughts, actions, words, and deeds.

Jewels: The Story of the Expansion of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded on December 4th, 1906 on the campus of Cornell University. Seven men affectionately known as Jewels founded the fraternity that was initially a literary society.

One year later, both Beta Chapter at Howard University and Gamma Chapter at Virginia Union University were founded. Read the story of how these historic events took place and changed the lives of countless African American students on college campuses around the world.

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