“Gene if you have a moment, I would love to share an idea with you.”
Eugene has just completed a conversation with Henry as I approach. Most of the brothers have left the house. It is late in the evening since our meeting lingered as most meetings do. Our meetings render us tired yet enthusiastic as every session births new ideas. Time will tell the great service we will provide as brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha. “Sure Nathaniel. Of course I would love to hear of all of your ideas. Especially of yours since you tend to wait until the ideas have commenced before you share.” Eugene says jokingly.

I smile, knowing he is right. “I admire what has been presented in moving beyond the grounds of Cornell to expand our Alpha. Some of the schools that were mentioned are here in New York and I see that as plausible. But what about travelling outside of the state? Have you thought about that?”

Eugene smiles a very familiar smile. I know this smile. Eugene is a thinker and a great choice as our president as we enter a new scholastic year. We will accomplish much under such a leader. His smile answers the question for me before his words leave his lips. “Of course I have. Seems as if you have too.”

“I’ve been thinking. I have friends that I know from back home that would be perfect candidates for Alpha Phi Alpha.” I state.

“Really? From Washington?”

“Yes. From the M School.”

Eugene pauses at my statement. He knows, as does everyone else, that the M School is one of the most acclaimed high schools that matriculate Negro students. If ever there were worthy candidates of our fraternity, the M School would produce them. “Where are you friends?”

“Howard University in Washington.”

Eugene pauses again. Thought. “I have friends in Virginia that I was strongly considering. Virginia Union, my old campus.”

Now I pause.

“Virginia Union University and Howard University.” Eugene says. “I like the idea.”

“How do we proceed?” I ask.

Eugene quickly turns and calls Henry. “Henry. We may have a tremendous idea. Nathaniel has friends from the M School who are now matriculating at Howard University in Washington. I have men of esteem that I know from Union. Both of these campuses may be excellent selections toward the expansion of Alpha.”

Henry Callis is the most diligent man I have ever met. His record keeping of our meetings has been precise and accurate. If ever engaged in a late evening discussion with Henry, you will find that he is not only studious and creative but the strongest visionary of our group. Between Gene and Henry, the possibilities are limitless for Alpha. Neither of them has ever expressed a closed mind toward the ideas presented for the furthering of our mission. If anyone would see the relevance and importance of a move toward expansion, these are the two who would.

“Howard University, I’m not familiar. The idea is grand however!”

“How do we proceed?” I ask.

“Draft a letter to your friends. I will do the same.” Eugene answers. We will see if the men respond.”

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